The Pastriots are a group of recurring characters in every Sweetimon Game. While the Pastriots that appear in each game differ, they generally test the player's skills first with a trial, and then with a battle.


Sweetimon Vanilla VersionEdit

Six Pastriots appear in this game...

  • Chocola (specialises in Chocolate Flavour)
  • Muffin (specialises in Blueberry Flavour)
  • Straw and Berry (specialise in Strawberry Flavour)
  • Tang (specialises in Orange Flavour)
  • Leaf (specialises in Mint Flavour)
  • Fudgie (specialises in Caramel Flavour)

All of the Pastriots in this game are female. According to in-game lore, the Pastriots of Vanilla Island are chosen out of those who participate in the Pastry Cup, although sometimes a past Pastriot may enlist a relative as a successor.